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The Perfect Browser Home Page

UPDATE! Google removed the ability to host web pages within Google Drive so my simple and free hosting solution provided here (plus the link to the files) is dead.

I decided a while back that I could do my home page (in browser) better than just the standard page. I tailored an html file especially to my needs, and added in some flair. The page will automatically grab the most recent top post from the subreddit /r/EarthPorn. This subreddit basically just supplies cool wallpapers all day. I hosted the file in Google Drive so that I could sync it across my work computer and home computers in Google Chrome. I used this plugin to open this page on a new tab.

So the actual page is here and if you’d like to download the files and tweak it to however you see fit, you can get those here. Let me know @awebdevguy if you do anything cool, or come up with a better way of doing what I did. I know it can be done better.

By Dylan Hildenbrand

Full stack web developer experienced with #PHP, #SvelteKit, #JS, #NodeJS, #Linux, and #Ansible. I love a good challenge.

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