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Hi 👋,

I’m Dylan; a full stack web developer building cool stuff. What does that mean? It means I do it all. If you need some tweaks to your website or maybe you even a whole new website for your company, I do that. Need to migrate some data from a server? I can do that too. Do you want to automate the deployment process of your web app? I’ve done that too! Basically, I enjoy solving problems with technology, specifically when it comes web applications.

Early in my career, I developed WordPress websites for businesses on behalf of an advertising agency. I quickly realized I needed to run my own site to gain more experience and share what I learned. Here at www.closingtags.com, I publish monthly technical posts outlining problems I’ve come across and the solutions discovered.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress as well as PHP frameworks like Yii2. I also have experience with JavaScript and even wrote a book about SvelteKit! I was lucky enough to be invited onto the podcast JS Party to talk about my experience writing a technical book. You can listen to it here!

JS Party 314: Take a look, it’s in a book – Listen on Changelog.com

While I’ve worked primarily as a web developer over the past decade, I also enjoy tinkering with my homelab, automating infrastructure, using Linux-based operating systems for my daily operating system, tweaking my Vim configuration, and learning about security. If you enjoy my posts, let me know and comment on them. If you really enjoy them or they have helped you overcome a problem you’ve encountered, I encourage you to sponsor me on GitHub or make a donation via Stripe. Even the amount for a coffee shows me that people appreciate the efforts I’ve put in here.

If you’d like to work with me or just chat, then please reach out!

Dylan Hildenbrand smiling at the camera. I have tossled, brown hair, rounded glasses, a well-trimmed and short beard. I have light complexion and am wearing a dark sweater with a white t-shirt underneath.