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Hi 👋,

I’m Dylan; a full stack web developer building cool stuff. What does that mean? It means I do it all. Need some tweaks to the style or theme of a website? Or maybe you need a website for your small company? I do that. Need to migrate some data from a server? I can do that too. Do you want to automate the deployment process of your web app? I’ve done that too! Basically, I enjoy solving problems with technology, specifically when it comes web applications.

Early in my career, I developed WordPress websites for businesses on behalf of an advertising agency. I quickly realized I needed to run my own site to gain more experience and share what I learned with those who might need it. Here at www.closingtags.com, I publish monthly technical posts outlining problems I come across and the solutions discovered.

While I’ve worked primarily as a web developer over the past decade, I also enjoy tinkering with my homelab, automating infrastructure, and learning about security. If you enjoy my posts, I encourage you to sponsor me on GitHub or make a donation via Stripe. Even the amount for a coffee shows me that people appreciate the efforts I’ve put in here.

If you’d like to work with me or just chat, you can find me @: