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It’s been pretty slow on the web development front for me lately, but I have discovered something new and interesting. It’s called DemocracyOS. What is DemocracyOS? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. Well it’s an open-sourced platform that aims to bring democracy back into the hands of the people in a way that makes voting on almost anything, very simple.

Just recently, we had some elections here in the US (Nov. 4th, 2014) and supposedly, Republicans took back control of both the House and the Senate because so many young people didn’t turn out to vote. What DemocracyOS intends to do, is bring the voting to you. No more waiting in lines at the polls, trying to get away from work, attempting to figure out where you’re supposed to go to vote, or filling in the circles ever so perfectly on an outdated technology (paper).

It’s supposed to be as simple to install and use as WordPress, although I haven’t quite gotten that far yet. I’ll keep the blog updated with my findings though. Check it out at Github here or the main site here.

And if you want to chat about this stuff, hit me up on Twitter @awebdevguy.

By Dylan Hildenbrand

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