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Yii2 Feedback Widget

I needed to get feedback directly from my users to me on a Yii2 web application. Most of the options were fairly expensive. After a lot of looking, I found a JavaScript plugin (https://github.com/ivoviz/feedback) that did some of what I needed but not all. So I developed a Yii2 widget with the intent of bundling it all into one package and maintaining it as just a side project. Well, I’ve basically built the Yii2 wrapper for the ivoviz/feedback JS plugin. It uses all of the same parameters as the original plugin, and currently only has one JS error (yay).

My plugin and all the documentation needed to use it can be found on GitHub! I’ve even included some sample controller code for getting the AJAX response handled.

By Dylan Hildenbrand

Author and full stack web developer experienced with #PHP, #SvelteKit, #JS, #NodeJS, #Linux, #WordPress, and #Ansible. Check out my book at sveltekitbook.dev!

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