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As far as development goes, it feels like if you aren’t using Vagrant, you aren’t doing it right. And if you’re doing WordPress development (themes, plugins, or even Core), you’re behind the curve if you haven’t started using VVV (Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants). VVV let’s you spin up another development instance relatively easily, but apparently, it can be even easier with vv (Variable VVV).

Damn, that’s a lot of V’s.

But seriously, this tool makes it even easier to create another development instance. If you haven’t checked it out already, I definitely recommend it. Use the command create to spin up another instance, and get a few questions about the kind of instance you want to create. This stuff is magical.

By Dylan Hildenbrand

Author and full stack web developer experienced with #PHP, #SvelteKit, #JS, #NodeJS, #Linux, #WordPress, and #Ansible. Check out my book at sveltekitbook.dev!

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