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Storj-CLI Update + Shortcuts

I hate typing the same commands over and over into the terminal. I hate it so much that every time I have CLI deja-vu, the first thing I say to myself is “How can I automate this?” Usually, it’s as simple as adding a quick alias to my `~/.bash_aliases` file but this time I did that along with throwing together a quick bash script. If you ever install the storjshare client on an Ubuntu or Debian based machine, putting these aliases and script on your system might help you with a few of the commands I found myself typing frequently.

Storjshare Aliases

If these helped you out at all, let me know by starring the repo or leaving a comment here.

Something that bothered me about the storjshare daemon was that it didn’t startup when the system did. Depending on how you look at this, it can be a good thing. Fewer system resources consumed during startup is nice, but if it’s the only thing you’re hosting on your machine and you’re striving for up-time, then it’s a necessity. To get around this quickly and easily, you can update the cron jobs to fire on startup.

@reboot su - YOUR_STORJ_USER_HERE -c "storjshare daemon && storjshare start -c /home/YOUR_STORJ_USER_HERE/.config/storjshare/configs/YOUR_STORJ_NODE_ID.json"

This will likely need to be put in your root user’s cron which you can gain access to with the command `crontab -e` (while logged in as root).

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