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Getting SASS to work with Sublime Text 2

This tutorial is essentially just going to be the same as this one so you can go read it there if you’d rather. I promise, I won’t be offended. After all, this is the tutorial I used.

Basically, you’ve got SASS installed and ready to go after reading this post. Now, you want to use it with Sublime Text 2 so everything is super easy.

First things, first. Open package control, and install ‘SASS’

Once you install that plugin, you’ll notice SCSS files look fine, but SASS files aren’t color-coded. You’re going to want to open a SASS file, click ‘View’, ‘Syntax’, and then ‘Open all w/current extension as -> SASS’.

Then install the SASS build plugin for Sublime. This plugin activates the keyboard shortcut ‘CTRL + B’ for building which is fine, but you’ll want to install the Sublime Save On Build plugin to make things even simpler. Basically, every time you save your files, it’ll handle everything you need it to and update your CSS so you can move it to your server.

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